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13 Jun 2011

New...!!! ROMPatcher Plus v3.0 Unsigned (S60v3, S60v5, S^3)

rompatcher v3.0

Rompatcher, nama ini pasti sudah tidak asing lagi buat para symbianerz, ROMPatcher adalah sebuah tools sederhana yang memungkinkan kita untuk
melakukan patch ROM sistem ponsel secara mudah dan aman.

Biasanya jika kita mengh*ck ponsel dengan HelloOX maka rompatcher ini akan terinstall otomatis pada ponsel/hp kita.

Nah ROMpatcher yang akan saya share kali ini adalah ROMpatcher versi terbaru yaitu v3.0.

This is the list of the main differences in
comparison with RomPatcher by ZoRn:

- New: compatibile with all the 3rh, 5th, S^3 devices
- New: support for compiled patches
- New: can dump the whole rom content to file
- New: can dump the SuperPage content to file
- New: full support for DomainSrv.exe autostart, with
Recovery Fault
- New: introduced new commands ord_rel, ord_snr
which allow to patch DLL using ordinal
- New: can be integrated in cooked ROM firmware
- New: it is now possible to apply/remove patches
with just 1 click.
- New: added vertical scrollbar.
- New: introduced the new command “ +SuperPage ”
which allow to patch the RAM area where is stored
the SuperPage.
- New: introduced support for a new commands, info:
return: error: check the demo1-4.rmp patches
- New: introduced #ifdef, #ifndef, #else, #endif, #
define statements. This will allow to retrieve system
values at runtime to create more flexible and
powerful patches. Check the ReadMe_Macros.txt for
all the details.
- New: you can search / filter the patches in the list.
Just start typing the patch name to apply the filter.
- New: wildcard ?? support for patches.
- Fixed: Kern-Exec0 error when closing RomPatcher
after a patch was applied.
- Fixed: doesn ’ t unexpectedly crash when using large
and complex patches.
- Fixed: RP+ can correcly patch contiguous shadow
ram pages without any crash.
- Improved: the “ Patch Info …” option shows all the
information lines contained in the patch.

Change-Log v2.6 > v3.0 (Version jumped to v3.0
due to S^3 support)

+ New: RP + now supports also Symbian^3 devices! All
the 3rd/5th/S^3 devices are fully supported :)
+ Improved: InstallServer.rmp patch has been
updated to support S^3 devices too.
The old Open4All.rmp patch is already working on S^3 too, without any change.
+ Improved: removed the “ Donate with SMS ” option,
it was used by too few people.
+ Fixed: sometimes the
“ RP+ Recovery Fault ” message was wrongly shown, it should be definitely fixed.

Cara Pasang Domain srv di RomPatcher+ 3.0 :

* ekstrak c_sys_hash_domain.exe yang ada di file for advanced users ke C:/sys/hash lalu rename jadi domain.exe
* kemudian ekstrak domainsrv.exe ke E:/sys/bin.
* install rompatcher+ 3.0
Jika sebelumnya sudah install rompatcher+ 2.6. Maka Langsung saja install rompatcher+ 3.0

Download Rom Patcher Plus v3.0

Thanks to: bayu_ranger , mister mobile

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  1. Wah jadi inget jaman dulu waktu punya symbian

  2. nyimak gan, ijin nyedot jg. :D
    mantaf lah postx.

  3. wkwkwk.. tadi pagi ane udah download di situs resminya.. www.symbian-toys.com/

  4. @Anonim ya g papa, saya cuma share buat yg membutuhkan. Hehe

  5. ijin sedot gan..

  6. eh masbro kenapa rom patcher gw jadi ga bisa auto run ya kalo direstart? Tapi kalo di turn of bisa auto run.. Itu kenapa?

  7. @aan apa udh ikuti langkah2 instal domainsrv?

  8. aan.

    udah sob, bukanya rompatcher doang.. Tapi app yg laen jg ga mau autorun pas direstart, vhome,jbaktaskman,dll.

  9. blogwalking sob sekalian baca2, ane gak tertarik ma rompatcher. Ane udah pake RPDomain+ hehe

  10. @Anonim kayaknya bukan karena rompathernya dh kang, coz saya juga g udh bolah balik restart tpi tetep autorun, kamu pake app mobile guard g?

  11. enggak pake, bisa autorun nya kalo diturnoff-on doang.. Kalo direstart gabisa! Bikin boros batre T,T

  12. domainsrv.exe itu kegunaannya utk apa ya kang semut...

  13. @cenom domainsrv fungsinya sama seperti di RDomain Plus, jadi pas hp abis restart patchnya langsung aktif tida perlu loading.

  14. nah persoalannya sekarang gak bisa autorun kang semut.. harus manual dihidupkan..jd gimana ya... di mobileguard netqin padahal sudah dienable autorun..

  15. sudah oke kang :D waktu rename yg c:sys/hash rename x salah.... Tengkiu.. K semut...

  16. @cenom hehe sudah saya duga, pasti ada kesalahan pas memasang domainsrv. Coz punyaku jg autorun... :D