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11 Nov 2010

360Ting V1.50 INDO Translated By Vanz_smurf

app pemutar musik

Selamat pagi sobat semuanya, pagi ini saya kembali berbagi tapi bukan berbagi seputar tips-trik, tapi pagi ini saya
Ingin berbagi sebuah app pemutar musik untuk hp symbian, yang menurut saya wajib untuk memilikinya.

Pemutar musik ini tidak kalah kerennya jika dibandingkan dengan TTpod atau app pemutar musik lainya.

Berikut ini adalah fitur-fiturnya:

Powerful with MP3 & WMA support. Key features:

* Supported formats: MP3, WMA;
* 10- ;
* Support for advanced stereo and bass ;
* View information about tracks and build-in ID3 tags editor;
* Search and download music from the Internet;
* Playback mode selection; * Transfer files via Bluetooth;
* Ability to download lirycs and album covers;
* Sleep-timer;
* Mini-player in standby mode;
* Convenient and intuitively clear interface.

Change log: {Google translated}

1. Added new "Speed Sports car" skin, dedicated to all those who love sports, passion gifts for my friends;
2. Song list increased by modification date, random and custom sorting, custom sorting when sorting songs at the same time, it can use shortcut keys to track fast-moving;
3. Night mode and night mode to increase the brightness of self- definition;
4. 10 on more than a custom shortcut keys for playback operation more simple;
5. Scan songs on the ring tones is less than 100k audio file filters;
6. Scan songs add "to add song files" function, there are songs in the list on the basis of additional songs;
7. Long press the volume key support to switch songs, mobile phone pocket, they can quickly cut song;
8. Full song list manager to add and delete songs delete all the songs invalid;
9. Lyrics read in accordance with the principles of proximity, plus the songs match the file next to the lyrics, to reduce wasted space created by copying the lyrics;
10. Mp3 and m4a audio format display embedded pictures;
11. Lyrics teaser text to support sending the lyrics;
12. Delete the song file while automatically empty the folder from the folder category; 13. Menu item re-integration, speed optimization, new translucent floating floor display;
14. Play the main interface directly to C key to delete the currently playing song.


Maaf kalo bahasanya belum ditranslate. maklum, karna keterbatasan pengetahuan...hehe

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