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14 Des 2010

Voyager Home Screen (Update vHome) v4.30 En by leminhhai111

anim sprite

Voyager Home Screen (vHome)
v4.30 English is a free ware helps
you customize your S60's home
screen with big clock, start menu,
weather, news ticker, Google, fav
contact, smart dialing, etc.

Key features:

1. Features like Google, weather,
news, Operator logo, big clock are
pretty straight forward, if you do
not like a certain feature, just press C
to disable it. Press left/right on to-do
bar and news bar could switch
2. Quick task switch: we use the red
end key to switch between running
tasks, it's lot easier than pressing
home key and then select, also you
will never quit java apps like Opera
Mini/Gmail by accidentally pressing
Red key.
3. Smart dialing: just type one
number for one letter, to find any
contact fast. Like 2455 for Bill. You
can use this for apps, too. Like
46245 for Gmail. You might find
phone's menu a bit useless when
you can get to anything from home
screen with smart dialing.
4. Start menu: another way to
organize your apps, you can locate
an app using smart dialing, and
place the app in start menu or home
screen shortcut easily. And we
support sub-folder in start menu.
5. MyFav: we scan your call logs
automatically and place the people
you call/text most frequently in
MyFav feature, on the home
screen's right selection key (of
course you can change this with
any app you want). Press left/right
key in this, you can see your most
used apps, too.
6. vApps: yeah, we include a mini
App store, the seventh shortcut. Not
too many apps for now (tell us
what you want to see here), we
want to gather the best free apps
here, all fit your phone model (we
test and organize them by screen
resolution, MR/FP1/FP2 etc., so you
don't have to). Just one click to
download, auto install to E:, dead
simple. (the list is updated
automatically, so check in once in a
7. New app popup: after a new app
is installed, you would see a popup
asking if you would like to run it
now. Save you time digging in to
menu to find it.
8. Web directory: Click web
browser, you'll see our directory
page. All most popular mobile sites
(hopefully). If you don't like it, just
turn it off in Start-Settings-More
9. Keypad Lock: sorry the system's
settings would not work, please
setup again in vHome.
Lock is easy:
Start-Lock, much better than old
way. Press end key twice to unlock.
10. Connection: by default, vHome
update weather/news each hour,
9:00-23:00 (no update if you disable
news and weather), change this in
Start-Settings-Connection to suit
your needs.

Change Log:
● Added new option "Download
software" in Start Menu
● Optimized News "Recommended
● Added option "Common
sites" (well-known websites, fast
access and browsing)
● Fixed network bugs
● Repaired skins

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