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26 Des 2010

Opera Mini Modif 4.2 Test 11 Handler

Opmod Modif 4.2 tes 11

This Opmod Modif have awaited anf
of course has many advantages as
well as having a lot of improvement
compared to previous versions.
Here are some changes there in
opera mini mod 4.2 test 11.
Added :
In the setting of “General” you can
opt out of the bottom border at the
opening menu. Instead, the field of
active items drawn strip.
Change :
1. Addendum to the warning in the
loader, when loading is stopped by
2. Choosing the copied text into
multi-clipboard and paste text in the
3. Information on current / all panels
on the upper edges, does not
appear in the same manner and at
the same panel.

Correction :

1. Edit boot – do not repair invalid
characters in the address.
2. Error in Nokia startup with
disabled full-screen mode enabled
3. the duplication of softkeys.
4. In the download status window
does not work pressing the stylus
on the bottom border items.
5. Do not work remotely on the hot
box to the status of downloads.
6. Edit code.

OpMod42 T11 HUI 200b4.zip

OpMod42 T11 HUI 200b4.jar
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  1. ini setting nya gmn bos ??
    Bnyk bngt yg hrs d setting.

    Gmn setnya utk nokia 3230 s60v2 + tsel ?? Biar bs donlot + brosing grats

    mohon bantuannya.
    Makasi sebelumnya. :|

  2. @sabar untuk setinganya tinggal cari di lable trik gratis internet.

  3. aku pke tlkmsel gmana setingan y gan,
    h.p ku 7310 pke java,
    tlong d bntu d isi setingan prtama opmod42t11handler ui,
    please krim via email ku
    mksh smua sblum gan.