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14 Des 2010

Opera Mini Mod (OPMOD) 4.2 Test 9 Handler UI Beta 4 Fix1

Opera Mini Mod (OPMOD) 4.2 Test 9 Handler UI Beta 4 Fix1

Opera mini mod
4.2 test 9 Handler has
been realese. This opera
mini is latest version
from opmod 4. Maybe
this is only update
minor. Same like
previous version, this
application have
feature such as :
Download manager. The
brand new download
manager with pause/
resuming support.It also
has download block size.
You can add as many
files in the download
manager and
simutanously download
* File manager.
Now you can modify
your file manager. You
can play media
files,view pictures,
hidden files and add/
edit text. Even you can
edit hex data with it.
Copy paste function.
Similar to that in opera
mini mod 3,means you
can copy and paste text
from whole web page.
Multi windows. Multi
windows browsing at
ease. Keypad shortcuts
at will. Templates for
easy input. Multi
* Import/
Export bookmarks.
Control the Backlight
* Shadow
* Address
Auto complete, Speed
Page Saving, skins.
Own Skin Maker in
ChangeSkin .
* Power-
User Setting and Setting
in Special Setting
* Copy Full
Text Box Texts to

Added :

- Option for
Sending SMS.
- Option
for minimizing .
- View
url info feature added
(place your cursor on a
link and view the url).
U can put unlimited text
in the box.

Change Log:
On the
upper curb added
information about the
number of launches
and the total number
of downloads.
Jackdaw to add the
default name “New
Folder”. Entering text
on the page, without
opening the input
field. Intended to
enter the verification
codes. When you add
and edit bookmarks
and templates if new
entries match
existing, then a
warning is displayed
with a choice to save
or continue
editing.Also displays
information about the
number of added and
missing records

Note : Proxy fixed
English by Priatama
Handler by Yk_handler

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