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11 Nov 2010

ETSmsSprite v1.7 S60v3 S60v5 Translated by SymPViet


ET SMS Wizard v1.70 simultaneously released the official version of the official website. ET SMS Wizard is a set of messages and letters fly-in-one messaging management , fake iPhone's gorgeous text chat easy operation and practical so you can fully say goodbye system ! ET the first public beta of

SMS Wizard v1.7 update:
1. Increase the flash information function;
2. Increase the delete local avatar;
3. To increase the skin fast switching function, chat interface, press "0" key to quickly switch to chat skin;
4. Increase the tagging shortcut key: "7" for the tag single, "9" to mark all;
5. Add Bluetooth information processing, can be directly open / save / delete;
6. Fix a new message box to delete the information after the new information prompts are prompted to delete the information;
7. Fix a new message box is set to not display the contents of deleted messages without prompting the question;
8. Fix the problem automatically unlock set failure;
9. Other issues.

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