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8 Jan 2011

Opera Mini Modif (OpMod) 4.2 Test 12 Handler UI 200 beta4 ENG


This Opmod Handler have awaited
anf of course has many advantages
as well as having a lot of
improvement compared to
previous versions.
List of changes
#. Private tab.
#. Fixing tabs.
#. Change of rendering the logo
and stuff.
#. Transfer settings to the saved
#. typed the address is added to the
top of the list.
#. The value of shade when you
enter an address combined with a
total blackout.
#. Change of schedule.
#. The list of "shortcut" was too
"long" item. Edit display settings,
and view some of the menu.
#. At the bottom off the curb, did
not work pressing the stylus on the
"lower" command from the open
#. at mikroemulatore were
incorrectly placed team duplication
#. Double firing commands from
the soft-keys on Jbed.
#. Correction of drawing strips
commands with disconnected
lower curb.
#. When the shading is turned off
and the lower borders, shading
does not draw on the ground of the
lower border.




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